About Our Courses

The National Association of Goldsmiths has long been at the forefront of jewellery trade education.

The Association’s world-renowned educational programmes provide recognised courses and qualifications for members of the retail jewellery industry, from trainees up to proprietors and senior staff.

Termed JET – short for Jewellery Education and Training – these courses cover a range of topics from basic product and selling-skills knowledge through to Management and Valuation expertise.

The importance of education cannot be over-estimated. Surveys have shown that those members of the sales team with recognised trade qualifications have higher self esteem and better sales records. It is indisputable that a more educated management and sales team leads to more sales and higher profits.

An informed sales-staff also inspires customer confidence and helps to prevent misunderstandings and complaints.

The N.A.G. series of JET home-study courses include:

  • Professional Jewellers’ Diploma (JET 1 & 2)
  • Business Diploma (JET Pro)

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The N.A.G. also offer a wide range of Seminars:

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Other Education-related information and Downloads:

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  • Press Release Template Gemstone Graduates
  • Press Release Template JET 2 Graduates
  • Press Release Template Management Graduates
  • Press Release Template Valuation Graduates

Education Videos

  • JET1 & 2 Video!JET1 & 2 Video