5 Reasons Why You Should Do Investment In Jewelry

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Investment In Jewelry

Since the origin of mankind, man has considered raw materials and precious materials as the best way to save value. Yet it is unthinkable today to invest in conventional jewelry. The main reason is the price difference between the precious material used compared to the purchase price of the jewelry itself.

However, there is a fundamentally different category of jewelry: jewelry investment.

These jewels meet precise specifications. They are aimed at clients concerned about protecting their financial assets over the long term from financial crises and political crises.

Investment jewelry offers several strong arguments for the investor compared to gold or silver bullion. As we know that nowadays, you can do investment in a lot of digital things, such as NFT, Bitcoin, or even in playing online gambling. If you want to try slot demo Pragmatic Play no deposit, just go to Katsu5. We know digital is the future, but jewelry investment is built different. Here is 5 reasons why you should investing in jewelry.

1. Investment jewelry resells more easily in a crisis

The jewels have the same properties as the old coins (Gold Napoleon or Wreneli) that can be found at specialized numismatic type sellers. They can easily be used as currency in trade in times of crisis.

Several historical facts attest to this, for example during the hyper-inflationary crisis in Germany in 1930. Jewelry was used as currency in countries where the economy had completely collapsed.

Important fact: 24 karat gold is the purest gold available on the market. Its purity level reaches 99.99%. It is also designated with this acronym: Gold 24K

2. They are easily divisible

Investment jewelry should be easily divisible.

Indeed, in the event of an explosion in the price of precious materials, the formats of traditional ingots will no longer be suitable for trade. Indeed, if the increase in gold prices is of the order of x10, the price of gram of gold will go from 30 to 300€. In this situation, the 10g ingot will therefore cost 3000€… difficult therefore with such inflation to buy some vegetables and other basic necessities.

The format of investment jewelry is adapted to be divisible if necessary.

To do this, simply sequence the jewelry using cutting pliers, a small blade, or melt it using a blowtorch (melting point of gold: 1,064°C )

3. They are certified by the authorities

The jewel must imperatively be delivered with its certificate of origin.

This certificate must make it possible to prove the quality of the gold but also the weight.

In addition, these investment jewels are hallmarked. There are many hallmarks that can be applied to jewelry. Legally, two hallmarks are imposed: the manufacturer’s hallmark (called master’s hallmark) and the material’s hallmark. These punches are easily identifiable and recognizable even for the uninitiated.

4. They are legally protected

Unlike ingots, the weight and type of material used to manufacture these jewels are easily identifiable. These guarantees are very important. They make it possible to reassure the purchaser as to the purity of the purchased material. This is an important argument especially when one thinks of the scandals linked to the presence of tungsten detected in official gold bars.

Jewels are elusive objects.

Indeed, it is rare in the history of modern civilizations to see a state confiscate these valuables. This is the case for both democracies and dictatorships.

Yet the spoliation of private property by governments is not something new.

The most popular example is that of the American government.

To stabilize its currency and to try to revive the US economy, President Roosevelt published in 1933 the decree 6102. This decree imposed on each citizen to hand over to the central bank the coins, ingots, certificates and title deeds related to the gold. Anyone violating this rule was subject to prison terms of up to 10 years and a large fine.

 The decree provided for several exceptions:

-the holding of gold intended for the manufacture of industrial products (jewelry, watchmaking and the dental profession)

-numismatic collections and old or rare coins

-and… jewelry!

5. Jewels are stores of value adapted to crisis situations

Jewelry can be very useful in crisis situations.

They can be worn discreetly, on the arms, under clothing or on the ankles. As a result, they are an ideal way to transport valuables, when traveling, to cross borders and customs posts.

Discretion is his main quality.

In modern history, we can cite the case of Russian nobles who, in October 1917, had to flee their country hastily when the Communists took power.

In the rush, they had to grab what they needed by abandoning their gold bars and other valuables. The only goods they were able to take with them were jewelry and precious stones.

The example also applies to natural disasters, epidemics and industrial disasters. The most recent example is, of course, the explosion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. Rich or poor, all citizens have been ruined by this tragedy.

Why? as few of them were able to transport physical goods like gold, jewelry or precious stones.

The question arose for many people: What to carry that could be of value?

The question is all the more important when you have to leave your home urgently.

Investment jewelry responds to this problem: It can be transported in large quantities, they can be worn by all members of the family, quickly and very discreetly.

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Earrings Are Most Appropriate For Your Face Shape

What Earrings Are Most Appropriate For Your Face Shape?

Gold earrings are a perfect complement for women every day. Not only complete and perfect your appearance, wearing earrings can also increase your confidence. Wearing the smallest jewelry can emphasize your character, you know. The easiest jewelry to help show off your character is earrings.

In addition to being adjusted to your personal everyday style, it is also important to choose earrings that can highlight your facial charisma, you know. Knowing which earrings are the most perfect for your face shape is not easy. To be sure, the most important thing to pay attention to is the shape of your face! All women are unique, including our face shape. Therefore, in this article Jewellers-Online will help you choose what gold earrings are the most appropriate for you.


♔ Earrings for Round Face

The characteristics of a round face are the same length from the tip of the nose to any point around the face, broad cheekbones, and a rounded chin. Make sure you don’t choose a round earring shape that is similar to your face. Therefore, avoid wearing hoop earrings because they will make your face look rounder.

Earrings that are thin, long, or with a firm shape such as a square or triangle can eliminate the rounded impression on your face and create the illusion of a more oval face! For example, like Gisca Pearl Gold Earrings, long dangling earrings with real freshwater pearls at the ends can make your face look more oval!


♔ Earrings for Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a sharp chin and a broad forehead. Now to make your face seem rounder, choose earrings with elongated models such as dangles or drop with rounded ends.

You can wear earrings like Chessy Gold Earrings which are uniquely shaped dangle earrings! It’s perfect for those of you who also have a unique face shape, you know.


♔ Earrings for Square Face

In contrast to a round face, for those of you with a square-shaped face, you can choose earrings that remove the firm impression on your face. A square face has a forehead that is equal to the width of the jaw and a square shape in the jaw. Avoid square earrings and opt for round earrings like hoops or long earrings. Wear earrings like Echo Gold Earrings or Alisha Gold Earrings that give a rounded impression to your face.


♔ Earrings for Long Face

If you have a long and thin face, then choose earrings that add a wide impression to your face. Avoid long earrings because they will emphasize your long face shape and vertical aspect. Choose earrings such as clustered earrings, hoop earrings, or small piercing earrings, such as Kyomi Gold Earrings and Eara Gold Earrings!

♔ Earrings for Oval Face

Well, for those of you who have an oval face shape, you don’t need to be confused when choosing an earring model because all earring models will match your face shape! Asymmetrical oval face shape can make it easier for you to adapt to all types of styles and earring shapes!

You can choose all kinds of earrings, from long dangle earrings, elegant hoop earrings, simple piercings, to unique clustered earrings, everything will be perfect! Just adjust the earrings to the outfit you are going to wear and you’re ready to go!

So how? You better understand your face shape right! There are many types and models of earrings that you can choose from at Jewellers-online. All earrings in Jewellers-online are made of genuine 9K gold so they are very safe to wear every day, even when exposed to water the color will not change.

Check out Jewellers-online’s earring collection here (link to the earrings landing page).

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