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These Are The 7 Gold Bracelet Models Most Trending in 2022

The price of gold can be said to still fluctuate when used as an investment. But to be used as jewelry or accessories, of course, gold is still the prima donna. When buying accessories made of gold, of course you also want to wear jewelry that not only looks cool because of its luxury but also chooses a model that fits your liking.

Maybe there are many kinds of gold jewelry models on offer. And of course, you want to have gold jewelry like bracelets that you can wear on certain occasions and not only look luxurious but also stylish. What kind of bracelet models is currently trending, let’s look at the following list together.

Spiral Bangle

♔ Spiral

One of the bracelet models that is becoming a trend is a gold bracelet with a spiral shape or motif. Like bracelets in general, this accessory has a circular spiral twist and is usually accompanied by a simple elegant motif on its surface. This spiral motif is a model popularized by Greek and Roman jewelers.

Besides having a twisted shape, this bracelet is also made using the gold granulation technique. Where the gold surface is decorated with beads which are also made of gold, filigree, and gold thread.

In Indonesia, gold bracelets of this model are commonly found on the island of Sulawesi. It is said that Indonesian craftsmen were influenced by European styles when they came to the archipelago long ago, so this Western-style work was born in the archipelago.

EG Bangle

♔ EG Bangle

Sometimes it’s not easy to choose gold jewelry, accessories, because you might only wear them at the right moments, so you’re a little worried that when you wear them, they don’t match your appearance. Maybe you can choose jewelry made of white gold because this jewelry is not too flashy and can be used on various occasions.

One of the trendy gold bracelet models that can be your choice is the EG Bangle 2039. This bracelet has a smooth design and the size is just right, not too big. The Eg Bangle 2039 bracelet is wrapped in 18-carat gold, which is also decorated with the famous elegant Swarvoski crystal. In addition, this bracelet is also coated with rhodium which makes it look shiny.

Italian Bracelet

♔ Italian Bracelet

One of the gold jewelry that is becoming a trend right now is a bracelet called the Italian Bracelet 1002. This bracelet model is like a strand of several chains that are put together. Uniquely, this bracelet model has color variations in each strand. There’s rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold combined, so this jewelry will match other bright colors.

Besides having a variety of colors that make it look beautiful, one of the advantages of this bracelet is the surface that is coated with rhodium. For information, the rhodium will not only make your jewelry look shiny, but also durable and kept away from the risk of rusting. This one jewelry weighs 1.5 grams, with 18-carat gold.

Sweet Darling Bangle

♔ Sweet Darling Bangle

Maybe you prefer gold bracelet jewelry that is not monotonous. Like a gold bracelet that has a mix of colors or is also decorated with crystals. Indeed, variations in gold jewelry will make it go well with the outfit you are wearing. If that’s what you’re looking for, then this Sweet Darling Bangle bracelet could be the right choice for you.

The Bangle is indeed one of the bracelet models that are quite in demand because of its distinctive design. This bracelet, also known as Sweet Darling 2031, is made of 18 karat gold.

What makes this bracelet so beautiful is the variety of Swarovski crystals that adorn it. These crystals are blue, purple, and white. There is also a model that presents a pendulum that has a heart shape. The pendulum seems to make this bracelet suitable as a gift for a loved one.

Starshine Bangle


♔ Starshine Bangle

Who knows, some of you are craving a gold bracelet that has a simple and unobtrusive design that can be adapted to your style. If that’s what you’re looking for, your choice might fall on this one Starshine Bangle bracelet. Made of 18 karat gold, this bracelet is composed of 75% white gold.

What makes Starshine Bangle look so beautiful is its minimalist design. Even so, the surface of this bracelet is decorated with Swarovski crystals that resemble gems. The models also vary. Some have heart-shaped eyes with blue crystals, but there are also crystals that just surround the shape of a bracelet. This bracelet weighs approximately 6.4 grams and is also coated with rhodium for maximum shine.

Gold Flower Bracelet

♔ Gold Flower Bracelet

It seems that the gold bracelet model that is currently becoming a trend is designed with attractive and beautiful motifs. One of them is a gold bracelet with this floral motif. For those of you who are looking for jewelry accessories to wear on formal occasions such as weddings or other similar formal occasions, this bracelet will suit your sophisticated appearance.

This bracelet has a sweet appearance with floral motifs on the upper surface of the bracelet. With the code GL 070 019, this jewelry has a composition of 70% gold and weighs 8.55 grams. When wearing this bracelet, maybe you can wear just one piece of jewelry on your arm so that it will give an elegant minimalist impression.

Seashell Patterned Gold Bracelet

♔ Seashell Patterned Gold Bracelet

Another patterned gold bracelet that can be your choice in style with gold jewelry accessories, especially bracelets. Although it has a motif that enhances the design of the bracelet itself, the overall design of this bracelet is actually very sleek and minimalist. Just like some previous bangle models, this bracelet looks simple, but doesn’t miss an elegant impression.

This gold bracelet contains 70% gold and weighs 6.05 grams. This bracelet is perfect for those of you who want to look simple, but also not that simple because the shell carvings on the surface do give a sweet texture, but on the one hand, it doesn’t look too flashy. With its design, this jewelry is also suitable to be combined with style on various occasions.

When buying jewelry, your main objective is of course the model. But, you also need to know the types of gold before making a choice. Gold is divided into two types, namely white gold, and yellow gold, and can be recognized by color or appearance. Yellow gold is made from a mixture of copper and zinc. And the price is cheaper than white gold, which is made from a mixture of silver.

For your information, yellow gold does not cause allergies to the skin, so those of you who have allergies to metals need not worry. Those are some contemporary gold bracelet models that can be your choice to mix and match with your style. Maybe some of you are experts in jewelry, especially gold, please talk through the comments column.

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