Get to Know The Gold Pendant

Get to Know The Gold Pendant and Its Types!

Jewelry is an accessory that can beautify the outfit and complete the appearance. There are many types of jewelry that are usually worn by women, such as gold pendants (pendants) and gold necklaces which are most often complementary to women’s outfits. With a variety of shapes and models, pendants are much liked by women. Pendants can also be used as a symbol or wedding gift.

But many think that gold pendants and necklaces are the same pieces of jewelry. But it turns out that the two types of jewelry are different from one another both in form or function, you know!

The difference between a gold pendant and a gold necklace.

Usually, pendants and necklaces are two pieces of jewelry that are worn together. But now many necklace models have not used pendants. So what exactly is the difference between a pendant and a necklace?

The necklace is a type of jewelry that is worn around the neck. While the pendants are jewelry that hangs to decorate and beautify the necklace. Pendants on necklaces have various shapes and have charms that can be used as the center of attention. With one necklace, you can drastically change your look by simply changing the pendant!

At, there are many gold pendant designs that can complement your everyday outfit. Starting from simple pendant designs to be combined with casual clothes to pendant designs with color stones that can turn your clothes into more luxurious! Let’s see the collection!

Solitaire Pendant

♔ Solitaire Pendant

The solitaire or one-eyed pendant is usually the most popular model used by women. With a simple model, solitaire, pendants will give the impression of timeless or timeless. You can use pendants with this style, such as the Pressly Gold Pendant or the Mahira Gold Pendant for various events with any clothing theme!

Heart Pendant

♔ Heart Pendant

This one pendant model is perfect to serve as a gift for your partner, best friend, friend, and also for mom! The Velove Gold Pendant with a heart is perfect for parties to give it a sweet and luxurious look!

Color Stone Pendant

♔ Color Stone Pendant

Jewellers-online has a large collection of color stone pendants in the Northern Light collection. There are 8 different colors in the collection, namely Indigo (dark blue), moonlight (white), Siam (red), rose (pink), amethyst (purple), citrine (yellow), and azure (light blue). With so many color choices, you can match it to your personality or the color of your clothes!

Not only that, there are 3 different shapes in this collection of colored stone pendants. For example, such as oval (harper), teardrop (Cali), and box (Fallon). The three pendant shapes are suitable for large or formal events that will give a graceful and timeless impression.

Pendants can be used to make your statement jewelry. By wearing the right pendant, you will surely be a source of attention!

Not only are attractive designs but all pendants from Jewellers-online are also made of genuine 9K gold so they are safe when exposed to water and the color will not change. So you don’t have to bother removing your jewelry every time it gets exposed to water! There are still a large collection of gold pendants from Jewellers-online that will conjure up your appearance! Check the collection here.

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